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NHS in England

posted on 29/07/2014 11:21:09

- Labour calls for a halt to reform of the NHS in England until after the general election. BBC News, Courier       

hepatitis C

posted on 29/07/2014 11:20:32

- Public Health England reports on standards of treatment for hepatitis C infection in the UK. BBC News       

NHS in Wales

posted on 29/07/2014 11:19:42

- health minister Mark Drakeford says patients from Wales will continue to get heart surgery in England. BBC News      

NHS fraud

posted on 29/07/2014 11:19:01

- a woman has been convicted of defrauding £642,000 from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. Courier       

assisted suicide

posted on 29/07/2014 11:18:26

- Dignitas founder Ludwig Minelli urges Scotland to follow Switzerland on assisted suicide. Scotsman p.17

- a woman with brain cancer discusses her decision to die in Switzerland. BBC News    



posted on 29/07/2014 11:17:44

- US researchers say moderate exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Courier

- UK researchers study the role of exercise and leisure sitting-time in causing obesity. Scotsman p.26, Scottish Daily Mail p.25       


posted on 29/07/2014 11:17:14

- a bodybuilder discusses his use of steroids and their health effects. BBC News       

mental health

posted on 29/07/2014 11:16:49

- UK researchers study the role of a part of the brain, the habenula, in causing depression. BBC News       

heart disease

posted on 29/07/2014 11:16:09

- Shockingly Easy campaign aims to supply all Lothian sports centres with a defibrillator. Daily Record p.23       

NHS Fife

posted on 28/07/2014 14:15:15

- MSP Claire Baker raises concerns about the loss of two radiologists from NHS Fife. Courier       

NHS Lothian

posted on 28/07/2014 14:14:30

- the redevelopment of car-parks at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary cost £2.1 million. Evening News p.10       

heart disease

posted on 28/07/2014 14:13:54

- Shockingly Easy campaign aims to supply all Lothian sports centres with a defibrillator. Evening News p.5, 1/4-5, 14 (editorial)       

breast cancer

posted on 28/07/2014 14:13:17

- cancer survivor Linda Anderson supports Scottish Government campaign on breast screening. Evening News p.20-21   


posted on 28/07/2014 14:12:25

- a tweet wall in Glasgow is raising awareness of hepatitis C. Evening Times       


posted on 28/07/2014 14:11:45

- Marjory Burns of the British Heart Foundation urges Scots to register as organ donors. Evening News p.14       


posted on 28/07/2014 14:10:55

- Edinburgh surgeon Dr Jenny Robson has been awarded a Royal College medal. Evening News p.18   


posted on 28/07/2014 14:10:22

- councillor calls for action on the problem of discarded syringes in Dundee. Courier       

tourists' health

posted on 28/07/2014 14:09:49

- MP says some websites are charging holidaymakers for the European Health Insurance Card. Evening News p.6       


posted on 28/07/2014 14:09:09

- Liberia tightens border controls in an effort to contain the Ebola outbreak. BBC News       

Scottish Ambulance Service

posted on 28/07/2014 14:08:18

- ambulance staff oppose plan to share facilities with Asda staff. Evening News p.6       
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