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Freedom of Information

posted on 23/06/2017 14:04:00

- Daren Fitzhenry is to be nominated as the new Scottish information commissioner. Holyrood Magazine     

perinatal deaths

posted on 23/06/2017 14:03:15

- survey of Perinatal Mortality reveal that the Highlands have highest rate of newborn baby deaths in the UK. Herald, Herald     


posted on 23/06/2017 14:01:25

- Office for National Statistics reports on population estimates for the UK. BBC News, Guardian, Scottish Daily Mail p.25, Telegraph     

deep vein thrombosis

posted on 23/06/2017 14:00:40

- feature on how to help avoid DVT. Herald p.2     

heart disease

posted on 23/06/2017 14:00:08

- Australian study suggests there may be a link between and heart disease and reproducdtion. EurekAlert!, MedicalXpress, Scottish Daily Mail p.24     


posted on 23/06/2017 13:59:26

- study suggests that taking paracetamol while pregnant can make children less attracted to women. Scottish Daily Mail p.21, University of Copenhagen news release, Herald p.15     


posted on 23/06/2017 13:57:39

- study finds people who cycle to work have a lower level of stress than people who arrive by car. Scottish Daily Mail p.24     

NHS Grampian

posted on 22/06/2017 13:55:43

- Ombudsman upholds complaint over the care and treatment of a baby who died. BBC News, Daily Record p.15, Scotsman p.14, STV News, Times, Scottish Daily Mail p.32     


posted on 22/06/2017 13:54:51

- a city centre location in Glasgow has been proposed for the UK’s first legal drug-taking centre. BBC News, STV News, Sun, Scotsman p.8     


posted on 22/06/2017 13:54:18

- alcohol Brief Interventions that pay doctors up to £30 to give patients alcohol advice "does not work". Scottish Daily Mail p.23     

general practitioners

posted on 22/06/2017 13:53:23

- the first graduate-level medicine course is being established to address the GP crisis in Scottish rural areas. Scotsman p.1/4, 28 (comment), Daily Record p.20, Scottish Daily Mail p.13     

waiting times

posted on 22/06/2017 13:52:28

- feature on Scotland's A&E waiting time performance. Scotsman p.26     

motor neurone disease

posted on 22/06/2017 13:51:17

- rugby player Doddie Weir's diagnosis of MND raises awareness of the disease. Scotsman p.29     

Alzheimer's Disease

posted on 22/06/2017 13:50:27

- study links extra virgin olive oil to a reduction of risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Daily Record p.27, Express, ScienceDaily     


posted on 22/06/2017 13:49:49

- research finds that antimicrobial or antibacterial soaps do not provide any extra health benefits. EurekAlert!, Herald p.10     


posted on 22/06/2017 13:48:59

- study finds that mothers who breastfeed may be less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke later in life. Independent, Scottish Daily Mail p.26, Sun, Telegraph     


posted on 22/06/2017 13:47:35

- Safer Drug Consumption Facility in Glasgow is to appeal for immunity from Scotland’s top prosecutor. Scotsman     


posted on 21/06/2017 12:47:02

- Health Scotland report finds that were an average of 22 alcohol-related deaths a week in Scotland. BBC News, Courier, NHS Health Scotland news release, Scotsman, STV News, Daily Record p.4, Scottish Daily Mail p.24     


posted on 21/06/2017 12:46:27

- Safer Drug Consumption Facility in Glasgow is to appeal for immunity from Scotland’s top prosecutor. Daily Record, Herald p1/6     

medical research

posted on 21/06/2017 12:45:32

- Adam Smith Institute publish their report on how the UK can become a world leader in medical innovation. Adam Smith Institute news release, Herald p.4     
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