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ambulance services

posted on 24/04/2017 12:29:08

- ambulance staff in Scotland may take action over increased workloads. Times     

NHS Highland

posted on 24/04/2017 12:28:08

- campaigners mount protest against plans to reform hospital services in Caithness. Press and Journal, Scotsman p.12     

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

posted on 24/04/2017 12:27:20

- Dr Jennifer Armstrong apologises for problems at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. BBC News     

NHS Lothian

posted on 24/04/2017 12:26:26

- partnership reports a rise in delayed discharges in hospitals in NHS Lothian. Evening News p.4, Scotsman     

NHS Tayside

posted on 24/04/2017 12:25:37

- a woman is to take legal action over damage to her baby during delivery at Ninewells Hospital. Evening Telegraph     

care homes

posted on 24/04/2017 12:24:58

- Care Inspectorate reports on Redwood House in Dundee. Evening Telegraph     

multiple sclerosis

posted on 24/04/2017 12:23:52

- a shortage of staff is affecting the care of people with multiple sclerosis in Scotland. Daily Record p.6-7  

- researchers report progress in understanding the cause of multiple sclerosis. Scotsman p.1/7, Herald p.8     


posted on 24/04/2017 12:23:08

- doctors call for a change in the law on abortion in Scotland. Scottish Daily Mail p.5     


posted on 24/04/2017 12:20:43

- study finds that obesity now causes more premature deaths than smoking. Scotsman

- Cancer Research UK study links obesity with kidney cancer. Press and Journal p.22, Independent     


posted on 24/04/2017 12:20:05

- Alzheimer's Society launches campaign to improve understanding of dementia. Press and Journal p.18, Herald p.5     


posted on 24/04/2017 12:19:30

- Italian court rules that a man's brain tumour was linked to his mobile phone use. BBC News     


posted on 24/04/2017 12:18:40

- WHO is to test a malaria vaccine in three countries. BBC News     

older people

posted on 23/04/2017 14:45:00

- Age Scotland raises concerns over delays in providing care for older people. BBC News, Courier, Scotland on Sunday p.11     


posted on 23/04/2017 14:43:38

- Professor Alistair Leanord calls for an antibiotics test to be made available to GPs. Scotland on Sunday p.15     


posted on 23/04/2017 14:42:44

- Kellogg’s funds research on the health effects of sugar. Sunday Times Scotland p.12, Sun

- study finds Britons eating less than ever as obesity levels rise. Sunday Times Scotland p.14     


posted on 23/04/2017 14:41:46

- study finds that drinking four cups of coffee a day carries no risk to health. Scotsman     

fertility services

posted on 23/04/2017 14:40:53

- IVF firm offers egg-freezing to female employees of companies. Sunday Times Scotland p.6     


posted on 23/04/2017 14:39:54

- study finds that learning a second language can delay the onset of dementia. Sunday Times Scotland p.12     

ambulance service

posted on 23/04/2017 14:38:41

- ambulance staff in Scotland may take action over increased workloads. Scottish Mail on Sunday p.6     


posted on 23/04/2017 14:37:20

- drug-driving limits are to be introduced in Scotland in 2019. BBC News, Evening Telegraph, Sunday Herald p.9     
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