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emergency health services

posted on 01/09/2015 17:06:36

- Performance figures show that 95.8 per cent of patients were seen within the four hour target – the best monthly performance since July 2013. Herald, Scottish Governnent news release     


posted on 01/09/2015 17:05:45

- the MenB vaccine is introduced to babies in the UK today. BBC News, Daily Mail, Guardian, ITV News, Scotsman p.15, The National, Daily Record p.16, Herald p.9     


posted on 01/09/2015 17:04:16

- cuts to cancer treatments available on the NHS in England are to be announced. Sky News

- CLIC Sargent survey finds lack that training is one of the biggest obstacles GPs face in identifying cancer. Scotsman p.16

- 1 in 5 middle aged women ignore symptoms of ovarian or womb cancer. Daily Mail, Herald p.4     

NHS funding

posted on 01/09/2015 17:03:05

- Pulse magazine survey reveals how money was spend on patients by the NHS in England. BBC News, Daily Mail, ITV News, Sky News, Yahoo! News, Scotsman p.9     

general practitioners

posted on 01/09/2015 17:01:58

- calls for the Scottish Government to tackle Scotland’s GP crisis as more than a third of Fife’s GPs say their workload is unmanageable. Courier     


posted on 01/09/2015 17:00:38

- US study suggests lack of sleep could increase chance of catching a cold. Daily Mail, Guardian, Herald, Scotsman p.2     

heart disease

posted on 01/09/2015 16:59:28

- gene linked to sudden cardiac death in general population identified. EurekAlert!, Scotsman p.9

- football clubs in the East of Scotland League are to receive defibrillators. Evening News p.1/5, 18 (comment)     


posted on 01/09/2015 16:58:40

- a ban on HIV-infected people from entering Singapore has been lifted. Daily Mail, Scotsman p.24, Herald p.12     

air quality

posted on 01/09/2015 16:57:43

- survey by personal injury firm suggests poor quality of air in aircraft poses health risks to 1 in 5 people. Mirror, Daily Record p.22, Herald p.11     

stem cells

posted on 01/09/2015 16:56:41

- a stem cell treatment which could cure chronic diseases has been developed in Florida. Herald p.5     

waiting times

posted on 01/09/2015 16:55:47

- almost 30 people a day are being sent miles away as they cannot be seen within the 12-week target by the NHS in their own area. Scottish Daily Mail, p.19     


posted on 01/09/2015 16:53:51

- Alzheimers Scotland and Scotmid are teaming up to improve conditions of Alzheimer sufferers. Evening News p.13     


posted on 01/09/2015 16:52:11

- Healthcare Improvement Scotland praises standards at Vale of Leven hospital. Herald p.7     

childhood vaccination

posted on 31/08/2015 17:08:39

- the MenB vaccine is introduced to the routine childhood vaccination programme in Scotland tomorrow (1 September). Scottish Government news release     

NHS 24

posted on 31/08/2015 17:07:26

- report criticises NHS 24 over 'poor' governance. Herald p.1/2, 14     

NHS 24

posted on 31/08/2015 17:07:26

- report criticises NHS 24 over 'poor' governance. Herald p.1/2, 14     


posted on 31/08/2015 17:06:41

- warning over scottish diabetes lottery. BBC News, Evening Times, Herald p.11, Daily Record p.2, Scotsman p.12, Scottish Daily Mail p.11     

quality of life

posted on 31/08/2015 17:05:52

- Orkney is the best place to live for quality of life in Scotland accoring to a new survey. BBC News, Herald p.7, The National     


posted on 31/08/2015 17:04:51

- Glasgow researchers find that commercial baby foods use predominantly fruit and sweet vegetables which is unlikely to promote the development of bitter tastes in youngsters. Herald, p.11, University of Glasgow news release     


posted on 31/08/2015 17:04:02

- letter from NHS Scotland supporting minimum pricing. Herald p.14     
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