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general practice

posted on 21/07/2014 16:31:04

- Royal College group warns that practices in rural areas could be under threat. BBC News       

NHS Lothian

posted on 21/07/2014 16:30:32

- plans for a new health in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, have been submitted to the council. Evening News p.15

- board removes a Saltire from the grounds of Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Evening News p.10      

mental health

posted on 21/07/2014 16:29:45

- Jo Anderson of SAMH discusses waiting times for people with mental health problems in Scotland. Evening News p.19      

pain relief

posted on 21/07/2014 16:29:15

- MHRA urges people to dispose of pain-relief patches carefully. BBC News       

children - disabilities

posted on 21/07/2014 16:28:47

- survey finds poor PE provision for children with disabilities in mainstream schools. BBC News      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:28:24

- Andrew Anderson of Maggie's Centres urges men with cancer to speak about their condition. Evening Times      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:27:58

- study of monkeys finds that early drugs may not stop HIV. BBC News       


posted on 21/07/2014 16:27:17

- former Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns says independence could improve Scotland's health. BBC News, Courier, Herald p.6, Scotsman p.8, Scottish Daily Mail p.10

- former prime minister Gordon Brown highlights UK-wide provision of blood and transplants. Courier, Herald p.6, Scotsman p.8, Scottish Daily Mail p.10

- Scottish Government promises better weekend care after independence. Scottish Daily Mail p.2      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:26:49

- FoI figures show costs of adapting hospitals in Scotland to treat overweight people. Scotsman p.14      

doctors - complaints

posted on 21/07/2014 16:26:23

- UK study finds that social media have caused a rise in complaints against doctors. BBC News      

Commonwealth Games

posted on 21/07/2014 16:25:58

- chief executive says the norovirus outbreak in the athletes' village has been dealt with. Herald p.9, STV News      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:25:24

- campaigners voice concerns over air pollution in Scotland's cities. Herald p.15      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:25:01

- a US tobacco firm has been ordered to pay £13.8 billion to the widow of a smoker. Courier, Scotsman p.20, Scottish Daily Mail p.21      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:24:35

- a new legal high, Burst, is being sold in shops in Scotland. Daily Record p.1/7      


posted on 21/07/2014 16:24:07

- charity highlights the emotional impact of miscarriage on partners. BBC News, Scotsman p.16      

women's health

posted on 21/07/2014 16:23:38

- public sector staff are to receive guidance to help girls at risk of female genital mutilation. BBC News, Herald p.8      

healthcare USA

posted on 21/07/2014 16:23:01

- feature on the effects of Obamacare in Kentucky. BBC News      

NHS in England

posted on 20/07/2014 16:15:23

- medical director Sir Bruce Keogh promises improved NHS treatment at weekends in England. Sunday Times Scotland p.15      

assisted suicide

posted on 20/07/2014 16:14:47

- Lord Falconer discusses his bill on assisted dying. BBC News      


posted on 20/07/2014 16:12:47

- NHS for Yes campaigner Dr Willie Wilson argues the case for independence. Sunday Times Scotland p.23

- readers' letters on the possible effects of independence on the NHS in Scotland. Sunday Herald p.39      

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