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posted on 30/09/2016 11:44:07

- Labour calls on First Minister to halt health board closures of services across Scotland. STV News     

NHS Highland

posted on 30/09/2016 11:43:06

- Holyrood committee calls for an inquiry on plans for hospital services on Skye. BBC News, Herald p.8     

NHS Dumfries and Galloway

posted on 30/09/2016 11:42:31

- NHS Dumfries and Galloway reports a fall in number of complaints received. BBC News     

NHS Grampian

posted on 30/09/2016 11:41:50

- Ombudsman upholds complaint about a patient's treatment at Royal Cornhill Hospital. BBC News     

NHS Tayside

posted on 30/09/2016 11:40:51

- Ombudsman upholds complaint about a man's treatment at Stracathro Hospital. Courier     

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

posted on 30/09/2016 11:38:08

- Ombudsman upholds complaint about a woman's treatment at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Evening Times, STV News

- campaigners create petition to save the Centre for Integrative Care. Evening Times     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:37:11

- MSP Ash Denham calls for surgery for cleft lip and palate surgery to be retained in Edinburgh. Evening News p.13, Edinburgh Reporter     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:36:30

- BMA withdraws doctors from forensic services in Scotland. Scotsman p.11     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:35:15

- Food Standards Scotland and Professor Hugh Pennington disagree over e-coli outbreak. Scottish Daily Mail p.36     

mental health

posted on 30/09/2016 11:34:41

- NHS Digital reports on mental health among adults in England. BBC News, BBC News     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:33:04

- Carers UK reports on A&E visits by carers. BBC News     

life expectancy

posted on 30/09/2016 11:32:30

- National Records of Scotland reports on trends in life expectancy in Scotland. Herald p.1, Scottish Government news release     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:31:46

- BBC survey reveals eating habits of people in the UK. BBC News     


posted on 30/09/2016 11:30:55

- doctors are to test a drug combination to treat lung and pancreatic cancers. BBC News, Evening Times, Herald p.5, STV News

- researchers report progress in understanding the cause of skin cancer. Scotsman p.14     

Down's Syndrome

posted on 30/09/2016 11:30:03

- a new prenatal test has been developed to identify babies with Down's Syndrome. BBC News     


posted on 29/09/2016 13:10:15

- Scottish Parliament votes for review of health boards' plans to close services across Scotland. BBC News, Daily Record p.2, Evening Times, Herald p.1 Holyrood Magazine, Scotsman p.4, STV News, Scottish Daily Mail p.6     

rural health services

posted on 29/09/2016 13:09:24

- Royal College calls on MSPs to protect hospital services in rural areas of Scotland. Herald p.3     

mental health

posted on 29/09/2016 13:07:59

- Mental Welfare Commission reports on compulsory mental health treatment in Scotland. BBC News, Scotsman p.16

- Mental Welfare Commission reports a rise in numbers of welfare guardians in Scotland. Herald p.8     

hospital hygiene

posted on 29/09/2016 13:07:02

- FoI query reveals hygiene problems in the kitchen area at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. Evening News p.7, Herald p.10     


posted on 29/09/2016 13:06:29

- NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims in 2015. BBC News     
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