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NHS Fife

posted on 22/09/2014 16:22:02

- MSP Alex Rowley accuses NHS Fife of “privatisation by stealth”. Courier     

NHS Tayside

posted on 22/09/2014 16:20:48

- Healthcare Improvement Scotland reports on care of older people at Perth Royal Infirmary. BBC News     

NHS Lothian

posted on 22/09/2014 16:19:36

- board pays out £270,000 in compensation to families of staff affected by asbestos. Evening News p.7     


posted on 22/09/2014 16:18:24

- Dr Richard Stevenson discusses drug-related admissions to A&E in Glasgow's hospitals. Evening Times

- David Liddell of the Scottish Drugs Forum says the Scottish Government's drug strategy is not working. Evening Times     

prostate cancer

posted on 22/09/2014 16:17:36

- Sara Cant of Prostate Cancer UK discusses a new campaign to raise awareness of the disease. Evening News p.21     

heart disease

posted on 22/09/2014 16:16:40

- Glasgow researchers are to study links between kidney disease and heart disease. Evening Times     


posted on 22/09/2014 16:15:36

- Edinburgh woman Debbie Byers describes her experience of six miscarriages. Evening News p.24-5     


posted on 22/09/2014 16:14:36

- Professor Stephen Gilmore develops an app to help blind people use buses in Lothian. Evening News p.15     


posted on 22/09/2014 16:13:38

- RNIB Scotland calls on people to have regular eye tests. BBC News     


posted on 22/09/2014 16:12:42

- campaigners say boys should receive the HPV vaccine. Courier     


posted on 22/09/2014 11:00:45

- Patients First says a culture of fear prevents many people speaking out about NHS problems. BBC News     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:58:48

- Cancer Research UK calls for earlier diagnosis of cancer. Courier, Daily Mail

- charity Leukaemia Care says GPs need help to diagnose blood cancers in patients. Courier, Herald p.13

- campaigners say boys should receive the HPV vaccine. BBC News     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:57:30

- NHS Blood and Transplant calls on people to register as eye donors. Courier, Herald p.15, Scotsman p.14

- Catholic Church opposes plans for an opt-out system of organ donation. Herald p.12     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:56:36

- College of Optometrists says many people fail to have regular eye tests. Scotsman p.14     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:55:23

- a dementia unit in Pitlochry is under threat of closure. Herald p.12

- US researchers discover a defect in the brain linked with Alzheimer's. Scotsman p.14, Science Daily     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:52:27

- columnist Stephen Naysmith discusses the effectiveness of screening for diseases. Herald p.14     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:50:53

- US study finds that e-cigarettes do not help cancer patients to stop smoking. Daily Mail, Scotsman p.11     


posted on 22/09/2014 10:45:46

- UK study finds roasted peanuts are more likely to cause allergies than raw peanuts. BBC News, Herald p.13, Scottish Daily Mail p.36     


posted on 21/09/2014 12:40:01

- one in four patients with lung or bowel cancer is waiting over two months for treatment in England. Sunday Times Scotland p.19

- Edinburgh researchers aim to create cells to treat blood cancers. Scotland on Sunday p.23     


posted on 21/09/2014 12:38:03

- Professor Neil McKeganey says the high price of a heroin substitute is stopping GP prescribing it. Scotland on Sunday p.21     
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