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posted on 26/05/2016 10:52:56

- report for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde discusses the need to plan for pregnancy. Daily Record, Herald p.1, 14 (editorial)      

mental health

posted on 26/05/2016 10:52:28

- Mental Welfare Commission reports on visits to mental health wards in Scotland. Herald p.5 NO WEB

- Glasgow charity reports a rise in children seeking help with mental health problems. Evening Times      


posted on 26/05/2016 10:52:03

- a ban on selling legal highs has come into force across the UK. BBC News, STV News      

NHS Highland

posted on 26/05/2016 10:51:34

- NHS Highland aims to save £28.8 million. STV News      

NHS Lanarkshire

posted on 26/05/2016 10:51:11

- Lockhart Hospital is to close due to GP shortage. Herald p.7, Scottish Daily Mail p.1      

NHS in England

posted on 26/05/2016 10:50:34

- National Audit Office reports on discharging older patients from hospital in England. BBC News

- spending on private ambulances rises in the NHS in England. BBC News      


posted on 26/05/2016 10:50:04

- Office for National Statistics reports on suicides among students. BBC News

- study investigates the causes of suicides among young people. BBC News       

medical research

posted on 26/05/2016 10:49:41

- Alastair Sim of Universities Scotland discusses EU support of medical research. Scotsman p.8-9      


posted on 26/05/2016 10:49:17

- health authorities in Africa prepare to deal with Zika. BBC News

- researchers find Zika can cause eye problems in babies. BBC News

- Glasgow University archives contain research on Zika virus in the 1940s. Herald p.5, Scotsman p.18, STV News      


posted on 26/05/2016 10:48:52

- study finds recession may have caused 260,000 extra deaths from cancer worldwide. Herald p.10, Independent      

end-of-life care

posted on 26/05/2016 10:47:54

- columnist Lizzy Buchan discusses end-of-life care. Scotsman p.27       


posted on 25/05/2016 12:47:40

- NHS Health Scotland reports alcohol sales on the increase in Scotland. BBC News, Daily Record p.8-9, Evening Times, Herald p.1, Herald p.14 (editorial), Scotsman p.13, STV News, Scottish Government news release

- survey finds many doctors disagree with UK advice on safe drinking limits. Evening News     

patient safety

posted on 25/05/2016 12:42:28

- ISD reports on trends in hospital deaths in Scotland. Courier, Scotsman, STV News, Scottish Government news release, Herald p.7     

waiting times

posted on 25/05/2016 12:38:51

- ISD publishes A&E waiting time statistics for Scotland's hospitals in the week ending 15 May. Courier, Herald p.9     

rural health services

posted on 25/05/2016 12:37:34

- doctors call for better mobile phone and broadband in rural areas of Scotland. Scottish Daily Mail p.17     

care homes

posted on 25/05/2016 12:32:13

- NHS Lothian considers plans to close Murraypark Nursing Home. Evening News p.1/4-5

- Care Quality Commission reports on standards in care homes across England. BBC News     


posted on 25/05/2016 12:31:02

- government plans to end bursaries for student nurses in England. BBC News     


posted on 25/05/2016 12:29:58

- NHS Improvement reports a fall in antibiotics prescribed by GPs in England. BBC News     


posted on 25/05/2016 12:27:17

- Glasgow charity reports a rise in children seeking help with mental health problems. Evening Times

- Fife Council aims to roll out Daily Mile exercise programme to all primary schools. Courier     

heart disease

posted on 25/05/2016 12:24:44

- Tories call for heart screening for young people in Scotland. Courier, Holyrood Magazine     
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