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posted on 21/04/2015 10:59:53

- Labour plans to get 1,000 more nurses into training. BBC News     

information technology

posted on 21/04/2015 10:59:17

- NHS 24 reports on uptake of the Living it Up initiative. BBC News     

hospital hygiene

posted on 21/04/2015 10:58:34

- an outbreak of norovirus has closed two wards at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. BBC News, NHS Highland news release     

general practice

posted on 21/04/2015 10:57:54

- readers' letters on the challenges facing general practice in Scotland. Herald p.16     

NHS pay

posted on 21/04/2015 10:57:13

- senior NHS managers use tax rules to earn cash as freelance consultants. Scottish Daily Mail p.2, Daily Mail     

mental health

posted on 21/04/2015 10:56:33

- UK study assesses the use of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in treating depression. BBC News, Daily Mail, Scotsman p.12     


posted on 21/04/2015 10:55:44

- cannabis campaigners demonstrate in Glasgow's George Square. Herald p.3, STV News     


posted on 21/04/2015 10:55:01

- study finds that statins can cause muscle-wasting in people over 75. Scottish Daily Mail p.21, Scotsman p.4     


posted on 21/04/2015 10:54:07

- US study finds that vitamin supplements can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. Courier, Daily Mail     

multiple sclerosis

posted on 21/04/2015 10:53:10

- US researchers use skin-cream drugs to treat multiple sclerosis. BBC News, Scotsman p.13     


posted on 21/04/2015 10:52:02

- charities report on extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Scotsman p.11, Scottish Daily Mail p.35     


posted on 20/04/2015 15:55:58

- Labour accuses Conservatives of deceit over NHS spending in England. BBC News     

hospital hygiene

posted on 20/04/2015 15:55:07

- Healthcare Environment Inspectorate reports on standards at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. BBC News     

general practice

posted on 20/04/2015 15:54:07

- Dr Dean Marshall of the BMA in Scotland comments on the challenges facing GPs. Evening News p.21     

mental health services

posted on 20/04/2015 15:53:14

- Fife patient voices concerns over waiting times for mental health services. Courier     


posted on 20/04/2015 15:52:11

- campaigner Amanda Kopel urges the Scottish Government to improve care for under-65s with dementia. Courier     


posted on 20/04/2015 15:51:22

- many people are flouting the ban on smoking in hospital grounds in Tayside and Fife. Courier     

drugs, alcohol

posted on 20/04/2015 15:50:18

- FoI figures show numbers of NHS Scotland staff sacked for substance abuse. Evening News p.5     


posted on 20/04/2015 15:48:56

- Macmillan Cancer Support says many people with cancer suffer financial hardship. Courier     


posted on 20/04/2015 15:47:59

- doctors say hospitals are failing to spot sepsis (blood poisoning). Scottish Daily Mail p.29     
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