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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

posted on 28/07/2016 12:29:05

- Ombudsman upholds complaint over a woman's treatment after a hip operation. STV News, Scotsman p.8

- Ombudsman upholds complaint over a woman's treatment at the Southern General Hospital. Herald, STV News       

NHS Grampian

posted on 28/07/2016 12:28:37

- Ombudsman upholds complaint over delays in diagnosing a man's brain tumour. STV News, Herald p.5       

social care

posted on 28/07/2016 12:28:15

- new campaign aims to improve social care support in Scotland. Holyrood Magazine, Holyrood Magazine       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:27:56

- Health Protection Scotland reports on numbers of people with hepatitis. Scotsman p.13, STV News       

hospital hygiene

posted on 28/07/2016 12:27:20

- bacteria discovered in cleaning equipment at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow. Herald p.5       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:27:01

- Care Inspectorate reports on autism service in Perth. Evening Telegraph       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:26:44

- researchers develop a new drug to treat Alzheimer's Disease. BBC News, Courier       

motor neurone disease

posted on 28/07/2016 12:26:25

- researchers discover a gene linked with motor neurone disease. Evening Times, Scotsman p.10, STV News       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:26:06

- researchers develop a new class of antibiotics. BBC News       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:25:33

- researchers study the health benefits of regular exercise. BBC News       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:24:50

- ISD publishes update on diagnosis of cancer in Scotland. Holyrood Magazine, Daily Record p.2       


posted on 28/07/2016 12:21:29

- FoI figures show spending on overtime for consultants in the NHS. Courier, Evening News p.6       

mental health

posted on 28/07/2016 12:21:08

- the number of children in Scotland being prescribed anti-depressants has doubled in six years. Courier, Scotsman p.23, Evening News p.8       


posted on 27/07/2016 11:59:27

- ISD publishes update on diagnosis of cancer in Scotland. BBC News, Daily Record p.2, Scotsman p.15, The National, Evening News p.13, Herald p.5       

delayed discharges

posted on 27/07/2016 11:59:06

- ISD figures show trends in bed-blocking in Scotland's hospitals. Herald p.6, Scotsman p.15, STV News       

hip fractures

posted on 27/07/2016 11:58:12

- ISD reports on standards of care for hip fracture patients in Scotland. Herald p.1       

ambulance services

posted on 27/07/2016 11:57:52

- FoI figures show ambulance response time in Tayside and Grampian. Courier, Press and Journal       


posted on 27/07/2016 11:57:29

- FoI figures show spending on overtime for consultants in the NHS. BBC News, BBC News       

NHS Dumfries and Galloway

posted on 27/07/2016 11:57:09

- NHS Dumfries and Galloway reports a rise in complaints about services. BBC News       

NHS Tayside

posted on 27/07/2016 11:56:47

- NHS Tayside reports problems in recruiting nurses and midwives. Evening Telegraph       
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